Reception New Starters

Key Rooms Inside The School

A great video to show your children what their classroom looks like and some of the activities that we get up to in there. They will also see the school's hall and some of the things we like to do in there as well.

Welcome To Wyberton Primary Academy

A video welcoming you to your new school and explaining some of the ways we are going to be helping your child's transition in and a bit about the curriculum.

How to Find Your Classroom Each Morning

In this video we take a little walk together to show you where you will be going to in the mornings in order to find your classroom.

Reception New Starters - Tour of The School Grounds

A great video to watch to help you and your child to start to become familiar with the outdoor areas of the school and how we use them to support learning. Music:

Morning Routine - What To Do When You Arrive At School Each Day

A great video to watch together, with your child, to help you both to know what to do each morning when you arrive at school.

Phase 1 Phonics -at Rhyme

A great video to watch together to try to develop your child's awareness of rhyme. With thanks for the images to:, PinClipart,,,,,,,, and

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Year 2

Final farewell from Miss Anstey

6.7.20 Online learning and End of Year Arrangements

This video offers with additional resources to support the online learning. Miss Anstey also discusses the end of year arrangements and she is looking forward to catching up with everyone soon.

29.6.20 Miss Anstey's Active Challenge

Just a quick challenge to see how you can get creative and active at the same time.

22.6.20 Look what came in the post today

This video is a weekly catch up with Miss Anstey and she has something to share with the Kingfishers.

Look what came in the post for us

This video is a weekly catch up with Miss Anstey where she has something exciting to share with the Kingfishers.

15.6.20 Weekly check in with Miss Anstey

This video is for Miss Anstey to check in with her Kingfishers and to set them a new challenge for the week.

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Year 4


Have a look at some of the mindfulness and safety resources on our school website.

06.07.20 Last week was a buzzy week!

Find out why Mrs Hodgson was buzzing last week!

29.06.20 Where is Mrs Hodgson this week?

Have a look at where Mrs Hodgson recorded her hello message to the Honey Bee class this week!

22.6.20 Greetings from Mrs Hodgson

Hello Honey Bee class - have a look at my video this week. I would like to know which values you are demonstrating at home and in the community.

15/6/20 Hello from Mrs Hodgson

This week’s video comes from a very special location to the Honey Bee Class - please excuse the wobbly camera a few minutes in - I was dealing with a little lady who was very interested in crawling up my sleeve!

How to use Oak National Academy

This video will explain some of the changes to the home-school learning resources and how to navigate the Oak National Academy website.

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Year 6

Memories from Year 1 - Fake wedding fun!

This video from the archives reminisces over the fake wedding the children took part in during their R.E learning.

Year 6 Virtual Leavers Assembly

Here is a recording of our Year 6 Virtual Leavers assembly - we managed to thankfully overcome any technical difficulties! We hope that you enjoy this.

8.6.20 - Year 6 Returning to school

This video talks through what to expect when you come back to school on Wednesday. You can view the e-book on: (the link will need copying and pasting).

8.6.20 Oak National Academy

This video talks through the Year 6 Oak National Academy content for this term's suggested home learning activities.

1.6.20 Mr Hawkins catch up

A quick catch up from Mr Hawkins and a discussion about your transition to secondary school.

18.5.20 English - Debate writing

This video talks through this week's debate writing. There is a modelled example of the start of a written debate from Mr Hawkins.

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